Igor B Roninson, PhD

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Department of Drug Discovery & Biomedical Sciences
South Carolina University 

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Dr. Igor B. Roninson is a Professor of Drug Discovery & Biomedical Sciences in the South Carolina University, USA. Dr. Igor B. Roninson earned his PhD degree from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Research Interest

Dr. Igor B. Roninson research interest comprises in the following areas: 1) discovery and characterization of novel targets for cancer treatment through functionbased genomics; 2) developing personalized cancer therapy based on the identification of key molecular targets in individual tumors and matching the target profile with drugs acting on the identified targets; 3) studying mechanisms and consequences of different tumor cell responses to chemotherapy and radiation, in particular senescence and mitotic catastrophe; and 4) studying the mechanisms and developing small-molecule inhibitors of a transcriptional damage response pathway implicated in cancer, alzheimer’s disease, and viral diseases.