Jiang John Chen, Ph D

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Virginia Tech Carilion Research Institute,

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John Chen has a solid academic education background in biochemistry and molecular biology by using insect as a model.  After he earned his Ph.D. at the end of 2006, he accumulated a very broad research experiences in protein biochemistry, structural biology, behavioral neuroscience, developmental neuroscience, and neuropharmacology through working on Drosophila (2007 – 2010) and mouse (2010 – current).  His research achievements can be demonstrated in 14 publications (7 first author papers).  Since John Chen experiences in multiple disciplines, these could make him look at a scientific question from several different angles which may lead to a big breakthrough in his projects. He is interested in the roles of neurotransmitters and their modulated signalling pathways in alcohol sensitivity and tolerance. He published 3 papers in this field by using Drosophila as a model.  In recent a couple of years, his interests have extended to the impact of alcohol and other addiction drugs on the synaptogenesis and plasticity of inhibitory neurons, and their relationships with mental disorders.

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Alcohol sensitivity Alcohol tolerence Neurotransmitters signalling pathway  

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