Patrick Sherry, PhD

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Counseling Psychology Program
University of Denver, USA

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Dr. Patrick Sherry has consulted extensively with Fortune 500 companies throughout the US , Canada , Asia and Europe in the areas of executive assessment for selection and development, as well as team development. Dr. Sherry developed and validated an assessment battery for selecting and hiring team managers in a large manufacturing company with over 200 candidates, and led national and local team development efforts for a major transportation company. Dr. Sherry has taught doctoral level team courses and supervised research on Executive level vs. NCAA Championship team leadership characteristics. Dr. Sherry has been awarded over $3.7 million in grants and contracts from business and government for his research on the development of assessment programs, training materials, as well as the evaluation and assessment of work performance. Since receiving his doctorate from the University of Iowa in 1981, Dr. Sherry has been extremely active in the identification and development of leaders in business and industry. As a faculty member of the Counseling Psychology program at the University of Denver he has written extensively. His book on training and development needs of business leaders and 150+ articles and scientific papers have influenced thousands of professionals and students. Applying cutting edge behavioral science to training and education he was a co-founder of the Pioneer Leadership Program – an on-campus training program that had the highest enrollment of students on campus. In addition, he directs and evaluates potential participants for the Founding Fathers Project, an in-depth study of 40 CEOs and leaders of transportation companies. Dr. Sherry has worked in both Europe and Asia , consulting on hiring decisions, assessment instruments and practices, and the development of executive training programs with private industry and government. He led team development work for a global quality team that included 70 members in 24 countries. He was an invited speaker at a recent conference in Toronto on the topic of the identification and development of leadership characteristics of successful executives. He has trained and consulted with executives in Jakarta , Singapore , Shanghai , Korea and Bangkok. In addition to his on-going work with BeamPines, Dr. Sherry has served as a consultant to the consultants for almost 20 years with such groups as Drake Beam & Morrin, Center for Creative Leadership, Personnel Decisions Inc. (PDI), Summit Leadership, AIM Executive, Eclecon, Osprey Consulting and most recently Whitehead-Mann. He is licensed as a psychologist in both Colorado and New York.

Research Interest

Dr. Patrick Sherry's research interests include: Trauma, Psychological assessment.

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