Simon Rawlinson, PhD

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Oral Growth and Development
Queen Mary, University of London, UK

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Dr Simon Rawlinson is Senior Lecturer in Oral Biology in Queen Mary University of London, Barts & The London School of Medicine and Dentistry, Institute of Dentistry 2009 to present. He is also a subject convenor for the Respiratory, Cardiovascular and Renal module, a module co-convenor for the MSc Oral Biology course and teaches on the MSc Experimental Oral Pathology and intercalated BSc Oral Biology courses.

Research Interest

Dr. Simon Rawlinson research interests include: The growth and behavior of bone forming osteoblasts seeded onto different man-made substrates. Response of limb bone cells in situ to applied, physiological, dynamic mechanical loads with the objective of gaining an insight to the mechanotransduction consequences to usage. Identifying the optimal substrate and appropriate source of bone cells will assist in preventing age-related osteoporotic bone fracture and encourage more rapid repair processes in other fractures. Oral biology