Steven M. Green

Editorial Board Member

Department of Biology
University of Miami, USA

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Dr. Steven M. Green is a professor of Department of Biology, College of Arts and Sciences of University of Miami. He was a former chairman of both the Faculty Senate and the Department of Biology. He is a founding director of the DuMond Conservancy for Primates and Tropical Forests, with the goal to protect wildlife and its tropical forest habitat while giving future generations an opportunity to enjoy their beauty by creating local support through ecotourism and other sustainable utilization. Dr. Green’s general research area is behavioral ecology and ethology. His work has emphasized the interactions between social behavior (especially vocal communication of primates) and the abundance and distribution of resources, particularly in tropical forest environments. His allied interests include fish behavior and quantitative methods for field work as well as how the results of basic field research studies can be applied to conservation biology and management plans, both of marine mammals and terrestrial organisms.

Research Interest

Dr. Steven M. Green's research interests include: Behavior and Behavioral Ecology Conservation and Restoration Biology Evolutionary Biology Tropical Biology