David Arnold Maria Bamps, PhD, LLM, MSc, MA, BSc, BA

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Professor in Ethics and Diversity, in HR at Management UCLL.

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David Bamps (PhD, LLM, MSc, MA, BSc, BA) is a Professor of Ethics, Social Psychology, and Juvenile Delinquency at KU Leuven Assoc., UCLL Belgium. He also holds a research position in the field of human contribution to Artificial Intelligence (AI) at the Engaged and Entrepreneurial European University (E³UDRES²). Furthermore, he serves as the director of The Connection, a research institute that specializes in aligning AI and technology with people's choice architecture, with a focus on the psychology of moral behaviour (nudging). Moreover, the person holds the position of director at the non-profit organization Olorin. In 2015, the organization was recognized with the Award from the King Baudouin Foundation's (Fonds GaVoorGeluk) for their praiseworthy endeavours in research and tackling depression and suicidality among young individuals. Furthermore, they have been requested to serve as proficient members on several international committees, with a specific focus on the relationship between ethics, psychology, technology, and law.

Research Interest

His research interest is in Ethics, Social work, Psychology of moral Behavior, research & innovation, AI, etc.