Paul Andrew Bourne

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Graduate Teaching Assistantship, Department of Sociology, and Psychology, University of the West Indies, Mona Campus, Jamaica

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Dr Paul Andrew Bourne is a social epidemiologist, health demography, statistician, public affairs commentator, poet, and prolific author. He is an avid researcher who has spent many years delving into the varied oceans of data to find empirically sound standing for his held views and positions. He has published over 200 scholarly papers including a study that is hosted on the World Health Organization website (i.e., An Evaluation of Domestic Violence against Jamaican Women during the Coronavirus Disease 19 (COVID-19) Pandemic), attended numerous health, education and social conferences, and is involved in countless community activities including of media presentations. In addition, in 2019, he and a colleague won the most outstanding poster student presentation at the Ministry of Health and Wellness, 10th Annual National Health Research Conference. He is a member of 1) SAS Eminent Fellow Membership (SEFM)- Membership # ID: SAS/SEFM/105/2022, 2) Fellow of Scholars Academic and Scientific Society - Membership ID: SAS/FSASS-411, and 3) The Jamaica Statistical Society (Member 2022). Dr Bourne is currently the Acting Director of Institutional Research and Honours Society Co-ordinator at Northern Caribbean University, Mandeville, Manchester, where he holds a doctorate in Education with a specialization in Leadership and Management.

Research Interest

Psychology, Sociology, Applied Statistics, Business Education

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