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Michael Von Massow

Michael Von Massow

Michael Von Massow, PhD
University of Guelph, Canada



Dr. Mike joined the faculty of the School of Hospitality and Tourism Management after completing his PhD. He worked in a variety of operations and marketing roles in industry before going back into academic life and beginning his Doctoral studies in pricing strategy. He also spent time working as a management consultant and policy researcher. His industry experience informs both his teaching and his research program.

Research Interest

There are two current streams of research that Mike is pursuing. The first is the development of unique food value chains. The demand for food is changing. Consumers are looking for a range of attributes that often go beyond the specific physical characteristics of the food product. This is fundamentally changing what people buy, where they buy it and how it is produced, processed and brought to consumers. Mike's interest is understanding the value created in these chains and the types of relationships required to facilitate their development. The second thrust of his research relates, in general terms, to revenue management in the services industry - including hospitality. Pricing strategy relates to the value proposition for the individual consumer. Choosing both the price and how it is offered to the consumer has implications for short term revenue optimization but also for long term revenue. Understanding the linkages between short term pricing strategy and longer term customer expectations is a key area of interest. The role of customer feedback in value is also an area of interest.


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