Magdy Mostafa Fahmy

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Cairo University, Egypt

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Dr.Magdy Mostafa Fahmy is a Prof. and head of Parasitology, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine Cairo University. Dr. Magdy Mostafa Fahmy Performed Course 305 Arthropods within Eleg (Electronic Learning) at Cairo University site. Dr. Magdy Mostafa Fahmy Get many Training Courses related To NAQAAE. Dr.Magdy Mostafa Fahmy was member of many associations; the Egyptian Veterinary Medical Association; Egyptian Veterinary Syndicate; Egyptian Society of Parasitology; International Society of Acarology; American Society of Parasitology; Egyptian German Society of Zoology; Member of the Indian Society for advancement of Canine Practice (ISACP). Dr.Magdy Mostafa Fahmy received National award for scientific excellence in 1998. Dr.Magdy Mostafa Fahmy wrote ARTHROPODES OF VETERINARY IMPORTANCE Book in 2002.

Research Interest

Arachnida: Mainly Ticks and Mites, All branch of Arthropoda, Blood Parasites: Mainly Babesia and Theileria, All Veterinary Parasitology.