Marlene Shehata

Editorial Board Member

Professor in the Health Science department,
University of Ottawa, Ottawa, Canada

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Dr. Marlene Shehata has received her PhD in Cellular and Molecular Medicine, specializing in Genetics of Cardiovascular Diseases from the University of Ottawa during the period of 2004-2010. Dr. Shehata is also a licensed Ontario Pharmacist practicing in Southwestern Ontario. Currently, she is working as a Clinical Pharmacist Consultant in numerous academic hospitals, nursing homes and community pharmacies in Southwestern Ontario.

Research Interest

Dr. Marlene Shehata's research focuses on targeting the salt-sensitive high blood pressure. This particular kind of high blood pressure has been connected with a genetic component that is inherited from parents to offspring and that is usually exacerbated by high salt-intake. As a Geneticist Candidate and a Pharmacist, Dr. Marlene is investigating the genes that might be involved in transmitting that genetic form of high blood pressure.