Medet Jumabay

Editorial Board Member

Division of Pediatric
School of Medicine at University of California San Diego, USA

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Dr. Medet Jumabay has graduated from medical school and started her medical career at the Emergency Center of the First Affiliated Hospital of Xinjiang Medical University. Later she became an attendant physician and cardiologist in the department of medicine at the same university. Dr. Medet Jumabay received her Master’s degree from the Xinjiang Medical University and a PhD. degree from the Department of Medicine, Nihon University, Tokyo, Japan in medical science. Dr. Medet Jumabay first became fascinated by the power of cell plasticity when she saw beating cardiomyocytes, which are derived from adipose stem cells. Thus, she became interested in cell regeneration research immediately after completing her PhD. studies. In 2007, she was recruited to the Division of Cardiology, Department of Medicine, UCLA, as a researcher in the field of cardiovascular and stem cell biology.

Research Interest

Dr. Jumabay's research concentrated on the isolation of stem cells from adipose tissue and the generation of dedifferentiated fat cells (DFAT), white mature adipocyte derived stem cells and tissue regeneration.