Jerome Greneche, PhD

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University of Strasbourg, France

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Dr. Jerome Greneche pursued his PhD in cognitive psychology at the Laboratoire de Psychologie des Cognitions at the University of Strasbourg in 2008, postdoctoral mission consisted in studying spatial cognitive skills of great apes in the Chimpanzee Conservation Center (CCC) in Republic of Guinea. During PhD, Jerome Greneche spent 4 years to work on pathological sleep in sleep apnea patients with electroencephalographic recordings and neurocognitive tasks. After completing post-graduate studies in biology and neurosciences, Jerome Greneche specialized in human and primate behavior before making a thesis in cognitive psychology. Alongside my research, Jerome Greneche have taught psychology and statistics at the University of Strasbourg. Jerome Greneche currently in charge of scientific communication for non-profit organization. Project Primates France and Jerome Greneche publish papers in distinct reviews (french newspaper Le Monde). Jerome Greneche particularly interested by neurocognitive approach of vigilance, sleep stages and cognitives processes in humans.

Research Interest

Dr. Jerome Greneche's research interests include: Sleep disorders, CPAP treatment and care, sleep and vigilance states, alertness and memory processes in humans, Acoustic communication and socio-spatial cognition in non human primates