Raffaele Manni, MD

Editorial Board Member

Department of Neurophysiology
National Institute of Neurology, Italy

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Dr. Raffaele Manni, MD, is director of the Unit of Sleep Medicine and Epilepsy at Institute of Neurology, IRCCS C. Mondino in Pavia. As professor per contract with University of Pavia he runs teaching courses about EEG and Polysomnographic Techniques at School of Specialization of Neurology and Neurophysiology, Faculty of Medicine. Raffaele Manni is a member of the Scientific Committee of the Italian Association of Sleep Medicine (AIMS) and of the European Sleep research Society. Furthermore he take part of the Epinetwork, a network of epilepsy centers in Lombardia Region in Italy. Raffaele Manni is Director of the Unit of Sleep Medicine and Epilepsy since 2002

Research Interest

Dr. Raffaele Manni's research interests include: Nocturnal epilepsies, comorbidity between epilepsy and sleep disorders, sleep in Parkison Disease, Parasomnias, Narcolepsy.

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