Wong Wing Sze, PhD

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Department of Psychological Studies
The Hong Kong Institute of Education, China

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Dr. Wing S. Wong obtained her doctorate from City University of Hong Kong and completed postdoctoral training at the medical school of the Chinese University of Hong Kong and the University of Hong Kong. Currently, Wing S. Wong is professor of the Department of Psychological Studies at the Hong Kong Institute of Education. Wing S. Wong research interests lie in the broad area of adjustment and outcomes of chronic musculoskeletal pain. Wing S. Wong recent projects examine the behavioral and cognitive processes underlying the development and maintenance of chronic pain and pain-associated disability, psychosocial assessment of pain, and cross-cultural comparison on pain behavior and cognition. Other research interests include psychosocial factors associated with co-morbid chronic somatic symptoms and health-related risk perception and decision-making.

Research Interest

Dr. Wing S. Wong's research interests include: Sleep, Behavioral and cognitive processes, Adjustment and outcomes of chronic musculoskeletal pain.