Wenfei Jin

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Department of Biology,
Southern University of Science and Technology, China

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Dr. Wenfei Jin is an Associate Professor in Department of Biology in Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech). Dr. Jin received his bachelor's degree from Zhengzhou University in 2006. He received his Ph.D. in Computational biology from Chinese Academy of Sciences and Max Planck Society Partner Institute for Computational Biology (PICB) with Prof. Li Jin (CAS member) and Prof. Shuhua Xu in 2012. Dr. Jin completed his Postdoc Fellow in systems biology at National Institutes of Health (NIH) with Dr. Keji Zhao in 2017. He was selected to “National 1000 young talents program of China” and joined in Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech) in 2017. Dr. Jin works on population genetics and precision medicine related field since his Ph.D. program. He has published >20 research articles and book chapters, including first/co-fist author articles on Nature, AJHG, Genome Res, Genome Biol and HMG. Dr. Jin and his colleagues developed single cell DNase-seq (scDNase-seq) that could provide key regulatory information for precision medicine (Jin, et.al, 2015 Nature). Dr. Jin is the recipient of many honors and awards including Springer Theses, CAS Excellent Doctoral Dissertation and NHLBI Orloff Award. Dr. Jin is especially interested in promoting the applications of single cell sequencing in clinical diagnosis and medical consultation.

Research Interest

Dr. Jin’s lab is interested in identifying genetic/epigenetic changes that drive oncogenesis, and developing disease risk prediction model for precision medicine. The long-term goal of the lab is to develop efficient personalized treatment for cancers based on patients’ genetic background. In near future, the lab will focus on investigating genetic/epigenetic heterogeneity and microevolution of cancer cells using single cell sequencing related technologies.

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