Greg Moseley, PhD

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Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
The University of Melbourne, Australia

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Following his PhD research at the University of Sheffield (UK) and WEHI (Australia), Dr Moseley was awarded a Royal Society fellowship to undertake post-doctoral research in Australia where he now heads a research team at Monash University, focussed on understanding the pathogenic mechanisms of lyssaviruses including rabies, and paramyxoviruses including Nipah. His principle research interest is the role of viral protein subcellular trafficking in immune evasion, and his main research findings in this area have included the first demonstrations of a role for microtubules in viral immune evasion, and of the importance of viral protein trafficking to virulence in vivo.

Research Interest

Dr. Moseley research interests includes Rabies, Australian bat lyssavirus Nipah/Hendra Interferon Innate immunity Viral immune evasion

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