Yuan Zhi-ming, PhD

Editorial Board Member

Department of Virology
Wuhan Institute of Virology
Chinese Academy of Sciences, China

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Yuan Zhiming obtained his Ph.D. in microbiology and biotechnology at Sun Yat-sen University, and then trained and worked in France, Denmark, and United States for several years. He has been working as Deputy Director and Professor at the Wuhan Institute of Virology, Chinese Academy of Sciences since 2000. As a principal investigator, his research group works on the diagnosis and drug discovery of aborviruses, genomics, insecticidal proteins and their mode of action, genetic modification of entomopathogenic bacteria (Bacillus spp), as well as the production, standardization and application of bio-pesticide and other microbial agents. Since 2003, he was appointed the chairman of Institutional Biosafety Committee, member of National Laboratory Biosafety Committee, advisor of different national technical committees on biosafety management, general manager of National High-Level Biosafety Laboratory in Wuhan. He also works as a group leader on the Sino-French biosafety legislation cooperation. In addition, he was elected as President of Hubei Society for Microbiology in 2008

Research Interest

Microbiology,Biotechnology and Virology