Clifford J. Mugnier

Editorial Board Member

Center for Geoinformatics
Louisiana State University, USA

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While serving in the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Clifford J. Mugnier was engaged in research for Lunar and Earth topographic mapping by satellites. He has lectured in geodetic surveying; topographic engineering; map projections and grid systems; International & Louisiana Boundary Law; analytical photogrammetry and geodetic astronomy. Mr. Mugnier has designed, supervised, and executed geodetic surveys; he is consulted on a regular basis regarding network design, techniques, adjustment theory, software systems, specifications, and Grid Systems/Datums world‑wide. Photogrammetric experience has been in research and production in stellar and plumb line camera calibration, triangulation instrument design, analytical bundle triangulation, and research and practice in aerial, close‑range, X-Ray, medical and forensic photogrammetry. He has designed and modified photogrammetric and geodetic instruments including a First‑Order phototheodolite. Mathematical experience has been in error propagation, matrix algebra, statistical analysis, projective geometry, and ellipsoidal conformal mapping. Education: 1970 Advanced Photogrammetry (George Washington University) 1968 Applied Analytical Photogrammetry (US Army TOPOCOM) 1967 Professional Cartography (USAF A.C.I.C.) 1967 B.A.‑Phys. Geography & Math (Northwestern State University)

Research Interest

Clifford J. Mugnier research interests mainly focuses on Image photogrammetry, Surveying and mapping.