Fung Tung, PhD

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Department of Geography and Resource Management
Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong

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Professor Fung Tung obtained his B.A. and M.Phil. In geography from The University of Hong Kong. Fung Tung was awarded a Canadian commonwealth scholarship and received his Ph.D. from the University of Waterloo in 1988. He joined CUHK in 1988 and is currently Professor of the Department of Geography and Resource Management.  Fung Tung was the Chairman of the Department of Geography and Resource Management from 2005-2008. Since 2009, he assumes the duty of Associate Vice-President and is responsible for capital development, campus planning and transport planning at CUHK.  Fung Tung is also associate director of the newly established Institute of Environment, Energy and Environment. Fung has provided consultancy services to various government departments on the use of remote sensing and geographic information systems, and has published widely in major international academic journals.

Research Interest

Fung Tung research interests include Land use and land cover change detection, landscape analysis, Hyper spectral data analysis, Development of classification and change analysis methods for remote sensing images and application of geoinformation science in environmental monitoring and planning.

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