Vit Vozenilek

Editorial Board Member

Department of Geoinformatics
Palacky University, Czech Republic

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As head and professor, I manage education, research and promoting activities in cartography and GIScience. I teach mainly thematic and atlas cartography and do research in various fields of geosciences where geovisualization plays the crucial role. All that relates to maps is a part of my professional and private life. Throughout my 25 year career, I have been active in the Czech cartographic society and later in ICA commissions (education then atlases). I organized the Czech national cartographic conferences in 1997 and 2009. The first International Cartographic Conference, which I attended, was Durban in 2003. ICA provides me a permanent source of knowledge and inspirations for my work and a community of similarly crazy friends. My aim is to serve for ICA through my knowledge, my experience, my enthusiasm and energy.

Research Interest

Cartography, Geosciences and Geovisualization

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