Zhong Lu

Editorial Board Member

Department of Earth Sciences
Southern Methodist University, USA

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Zhong Lu , Professor, Shuler-Foscue Chair, Southern Methodist University Huffington Department of Earth Sciences , USA

Research Interest

Technique developments on 1) synthetic aperture radar (SAR), interferometric SAR (InSAR), persistent scatterer InSAR (PSInSAR) processing, multi-aperture InSAR (MAI) processing and 3D deformation construction from InSAR and MAI/offset measurements. Application research related to volcano deformation mapping, magma supply dynamics from InSAR imagery and numerical modeling, earthquake deformation mapping, seismic slip distribution and fault geometry from InSAR and modeling, land subsidence and infrastructure stability monitoring, ground-water basin analysis with InSAR, underground nuclear explosion monitoring, landslide monitoring with InSAR, mapping mine-induced deformation, mapping water-level changes of wetlands, flood mapping with SAR and Landsat-7 imagery, soil moisture mapping with SAR/InSAR, vegetation characterization with SAR, tidal study with InSAR, glacier dynamics with InSAR, fire scar mapping with SAR and InSAR, arctic ice and water mapping with SAR/InSAR.

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