Konstantinos Kopsidas

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Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering
University of Manchester, UK

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Konstantinos Kopsidas is a Lecturer in Power System Planning, Operation and Reliability with the Electrical Energy and Power Systems Group of the School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering at the University of Manchester. Konstantinos educational qualifications include a Higher Technological Education degree in Electrical Engineering from the Institute of Piraeus (Greece, 2002) and a Class I BEng (Hons) in Electrical & Electronic Engineering from UMIST (2004). Konstantinos was also awarded an MSc (2005) with distinction in Electrical Power Engineering at The University of Manchester. Konstantinos completed his postgraduate studies with a PhD (2009) in Electrical Power Engineering examining methods for improving the power transfer capacity of overhead power line systems. During my studies in Manchester, Konstantinos was awarded the Scottish Power ‘Power Learning Award’ as well as the UMIST Electrical & Electronic Engineering Prize twice. Prior to his appointment as a lecturer in 2010, he had been a Researcher in the School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering since 2006, leading and supporting various projects in the area of evaluation of overhead line system’s performance. Among others, he was responsible for the delivery of a work package under the AMPerES project as part of the SuperGen V initiative. Konstantinos have also been part of Arago technology since the start of the company, collaborating in the development and evaluation of composite cross-arm, an IET Innovations award winning technology.

Research Interest

Konstantinos Kopsidas research interests include: Broader area of Power System Planning, Operation and Reliability.