Lihong Su, PhD

Editorial Board Member

School of Science
Northwestern Polytechnical University, China

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Dr. Lihong Su's research interests focus on: Nanometer powder research Function ceramics. Energy material research Li-ion battery Polymer synthesis   


1. What makes an article top quality? 

Response: Originality.

2. Do you think that journals determine research trends?

Response: Yes.

3. What makes a good position paper?

Response: Science analysis method and experiment process.

4. What are the qualities you look for in an article?

Response: Experiment data and theory analysis.

5. Can you give us a broad indication of the types of themes a scientific journal should cover?

Response: Nanometer film material \mixture microstructure particle. 

6. What sorts of research methods and frameworks do you expect people to use, and how will they balance conceptual and applied research?

Response: Equipment analysis data, correct principle.

7. How would you describe the journal’s mission and editorial objectives to our readers?

Response: Publish the new experiment phenomena and new assume mechanical of process.

8. Are there any particular areas which you would like to see, or expect to see, collaborate?

Response: Nanometer microstructure.

9. How can a publisher ensure the authors/readers a rigorous peer review and quality control?

Response: The familiar of field is key to this question.

10. What do you see as the merits of journals, as opposed to book series, as a means of scholarly communications?

Response: More faster publish new viewpoint and experiment.

11. How do you differentiate Journal of Nanomaterials & Molecular Nanotechnology with other journals in the field?

Response: Nanometer microstructure articles should be publish more in future. 

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