Werner J. Blau, PhD

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School of Physics
Trinity College Dublin, Ireland

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Prof. Werner J. Blau is internationally known for his work in Advanced Materials Physics and interdisciplinary molecular and polymer nanoscience. His research group at Trinity College Dublin is one of the largest, most active and best-known Nanomaterials groups in Ireland. It has been one of the first in the world to adopt an interdisciplinary approach including Chemists, Physicists, Materials Scientists, Optical and Electronic Engineers, and Polymer Technologists. The Blau group was founded in 1983. Prof. Blau came to Trinity College and Ireland in 1983 as research fellow with Prof DJ Bradley FRS, after completing his doctorate in Laser Physics in Regensburg, Germany. In 1985, Prof. Blau was appointed Lecturer in the Science of Materials/ Physics at Trinity College Dublin. In 1991 he was promoted to Associate Professor and since 2003 holds a Personal Chair of Physics of Advanced Materials. In 1992 he became the Research Director of the Advanced Polymer Research Centre at TCD Physics, a research centre which works closely with indigenous Irish plastics industries for all sectors including electronics, medical devices and materials processing. Prof. Blau is also an Honorary Professor in the Chemistry Department of East China University of Science and Technology, Shanghai, China. Prof. Blau published over 340 peer-reviewed papers to-date, edited three books and is co-author of 13 patents/ patent applications, cited over 5200 times on citation index. Prof. Blau has supervised over 80 postgraduate students and postdoctoral research fellows.

Research Interest

Dr. Werner J. Blau's research interests concentrate on: Molecular engineering of advanced materials Properties and applications of responsive molecular and polymeric materials for electronics Optoelectronics Processes and devices for molecular nano-electronics and bio-nanotechnology