Ahmad I. Ayesh, PhD

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Department of Physics
United Arab Emirates University, UAE

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Dr. Ahmad I. Ayesh is an Assistant Professor of Faculty of Science, United Arab Emirate University. He has completed in PhD in Physics with Nanotechnology as specialization with the thesis on “Device fabrication using Bi nanoclusters” from University of Canterbury, New Zealand in 2007. Dr. Ayesh was successful in securing many competitive project grants, as well as the supervision of many graduate students. His publication record includes many recognized papers in international journals and conferences. Dr. Ayesh had two major contributions to the research at the Department of Physics: i) the establishment of the Nanocluster Devices research group; and ii) the establishment of the Nanocluster Devices research lab in 2008/2009. He is an expert in the field of nano- and micro- device fabrication using both the top-down and bottom-up approaches as well as the self-assembly of the nanostructure within the device. Furthermore, he is an expert in nanocluster fabrication using physical methods.

Research Interest

Dr. Ahmad I. Ayesh's research interests focus on: Studying the properties of nanometre scale particles (nanoclusters) and in developing ways of building nano‐electronic devices from these clusters. Investigation of the organic memory device performance using carbon nanotubes as charge storage elements. Development and in vitro assessment of bone‐like calcium phosphate coatings on biocompatible alloys