Ikhide G Imumorin, PhD

Editorial Board Member

College of Agriculture and Life Sciences International Programs (IP/CALS)
Cornell University, USA

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Dr. Ikhide G. Imumorin is a well trained scientist in animal breeding, genetics, and genomics. He possess 24 years total academic and research experience. He joined research-intensive Cornell University, Ithaca, NY, USA in 2009 as Assistant Professor of Animal Breeding, Genetics and Genomics and is currently Program Leader, International Animal Agriculture within the Office of International Program in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences. Dr. Imumorin leads a nationally recognized research program in animal genetics and genomics with a focus in genomics and epigenetics in cattle and genetics of livestock improvement in Sub-Saharan Africa and South East Asia. He is on the editorial boards of 4 internationally peer-reviewed journals and a manuscript reviewer for over 35 journals. He has received various awards and honors.

Research Interest

Dr. Ikhide G. Imumorin's research interests are Animal breeding, Genetics and Genomics.

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