Moshe Gai, PhD

Editorial Board Member

Adjunct Professor of Physics
University of Connecticut, USA

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Dr. Moshe Gai is a Professor at University of Connecticut, Avery Point, USA. He is also serving as Adjunct Professor of Physics, Yale. Dr. Moshe Gai is associated with American Physical Society, American Astronomical Society, Connecticut Academy of Arts and Sciences, New York Academy of the Arts and Sciences, Sigma Xi, Yale Chapter, Sigma Pi Sigma and UConn Chapter.

Research Interest

Experimental Nuclear Physics, Neutron, Gamma and Charged particle spectroscopy, Scintillating Fibers and Electromagnetic Shower Counters. Precision experiments in Nuclear Astrophysics, Fundamental Symmetries in Nuclei, Parity Violation. Theoretical and experimental work on Broken Reflection Symmetry and Generalized Seniority. Study of Structure of Baryons

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