CHAN Man Hin, Eve PhD

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Assistant Professor | Department of Design Faculty of Design and Environment Technological and Higher Education Institute of Hong Kong (THEi)

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Dr Eve Chan is an Assistant Professor from the Technological and Higher Education Institute of Hong Kong (THEi). She earned her PhD in Fashion and Textiles Marketing and Merchandising from the Institute of Textiles and Clothing, the Hong Kong Polytechnic University (HKPolyU) in 2009. Prior to joining THEi, Dr Chan was Research Fellow at the Hong Kong Community College of the HKPolyU and Visiting Lecturer of the Hong Kong Design Institute. In terms of her professional experience, she had served as Global Business Controller and Manager of the internationally renowned fashion company, H&M. Dr Chan possessed extensive industrial experience in buying, merchandising, marketing and retailing before commencing her academic career.    Currently, Dr Chan is managing several competitive research projects in international trade of fashion and textile, location analysis of production in the belt and road initiative as well as econometric modelling. She has successfully collaborated with local and international fashion brands and apparel companies in carrying out research projects. Her research findings, which have generated an impact on the fashion and textile sector, are recognized by both academia and industry. Her publications include book chapters, papers in major peer-reviewed journals and international academic conferences. Dr Chan is the author and editor of the book entitled “Belt and Road Initiative - Collaboration for Success”, which is about the integration of econometric technique and artificial intelligence into the fashion and textile industry.   Dr Chan is the recipient of various research awards, including the best research paper award in an international conference - the 14th Asian Textile Conference (ATC-14) in 2017. She had been invited to be the keynote speaker, conference committee member, session chair and reviewer of several international conferences.  

Research Interest

· Managed “The Right-First-Time Intimate Apparel Product Development System (RFT)” project at the Clothing Industry Training Authority (CITA). o RFT is a web-based system that guides product development personnel in a manufacturing company through a “right first time” process. o Completion of tasks on customized checklists of the first fit sample development process allows product development personnel to evaluate potential risks and enhance overall process efficiency. o A structured knowledge database via an e-learning platform provides the information that product development personnel need to acquire in the process of evaluation. There are cases provided which illustrate the problems that an occur during the product development process which can be minimized by using the system. Analysis reports are generated to evaluate the performance of the product development in terms of lead time and hit rate. o The aim of RFT is to provide efficient solutions to existing problems that are prominent in the industry and advance the industry towards a more sustainable future. · Used various approaches towards the study and implementation of new methods in research · Contributed with input and expertise to department of university · Research Method and Dissertation (Research) · Econometric Modelling · International Trade in Fashion & Textiles · Fashion & Textiles Marketing and Management · Fashion Business, Retailing and Sales · Represented universities and institute at international and national summits

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