Erik Hansen-Hansen is academic course leader for the Master of Design programme at the Danish Centre for Design Research as well as an assistant research professor. Erik Hansen-Hansen’s research specialty is global luxury fashion, and his work involves studies of global fashion cities, logo bags and flagship stores. His concept of luxury fashion refers to globally coveted and available fashion that competes in the upper price ranges of fashion and sets the aesthetic agenda for much of the fashion industry at large. His research draws on a variety of academic disciplines, including mobilistic sociology, network and complexity theory, economics, fashion philosophy and evolutionary psychology. Some of Erik Hansen-Hansen’s studies and findings have sparked debate. In his research, Erik Hansen-Hansen has also found inspiration in insights from scientific complexity theory, which deals with pattern formations in multi-factor systems. Based on these knowledge areas he has introduced new perspectives on the fashion industry. The aim of Erik Hansen-Hansen’s research is to contribute to the development of theory in international fashion research. Furthermore, on a national level he wants to give Danish actors in the fashion industry greater insight into the workings of the international networks that exist in the business. Erik Hansen-Hansen has been involved in the Master of Design programme at the Danish Centre for Design Research at different times since 2008 as an external associate professor and as an internal co-coordinator and lecturer. In March he was appointed 2012 academic coordinator of the programme. Erik Hansen-Hansen has a BA (Honours) in Film, Video & Photographic Arts from the University of Westminster in London from 1991 and an M.Sc. (IT) from the IT University of Copenhagen from 2001. In 2008 he earned a PhD degree from The Danish Design School. Since 1994, Erik Hansen-Hansen has worked concurrently in his own firm with services related to photography, fashion and luxury consultancy, and video and multimedia productions.

Research Interest

Erik Hansen-Hansen's research interests include: Global luxury fashion