Katalin Medvedev, PhD

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Textiles, Merchandising and Interiors
The University of Georgia, USA

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Dr. Katalin Medvedev is currently an Associate Professor at University of Georgia, USA. Dr. Medvedev earned her PhD in Cultural Aspects of Apparel from University of Minnesota in 2006. Her teaching interests include Dress, Society and Culture: Global Perspectives on Dress; Fundamentals of Fashion Merchandising; Fashion and Fashion Scholarship, Chinese Culture and Fashion, Contemporary Readings on Dress. Her courses involve extensive research and analytic writing components. Dr. Medvedev primary research interest is the construction and expression of cultural identity through dress in fashion peripheries. She explores how dress---a modification or supplementation to the body---has been used to transform disempowered segments or entire populations in various social, political and economic contexts. She approaches research from an interdisciplinary and global perspective, and I apply feminist and cultural studies theoretical frameworks and methodologies.

Research Interest

Dr. Katalin Medvedev's research interests include: Dress, Society and Culture:Global Perspectives on Dress Fashion Merchandising Chinese Culture and Fashion Contemporary Readings on Dress