Nancy Stanforth, PhD

Editorial Board Member

School of Fashion Design and Merchandising
Kent State University, USA

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Dr. Nancy Stanforth is currently an associate professor at Kent State University school of Fashion Design and Merchandising. Dr. Stanforth received her master's degree from Oklahoma State University and her Ph.D. from The Ohio State University. Dr. Stanforth's teaching area includes a variety of courses and currently she is responsible for courses on market research and presentation in the fashion industry. She teaches and publishes in the area of internships as part of a comprehensive program for fashion professionals. Dr. Stanforth's newest courses are part of the Fashion Concentration in the MBA program at Kent. This program is centered on design management in the fashion industry. The program focuses on the fashion industry as one of the creative industries. Her research focuses on consumer behavior, including how consumers react to pricing, perceptions of customer service, and product perceptions. In addition to publishing about consumer behavior, she is the Associate Editor—Consumer Behavior for the Clothing and Textiles Research Journal, a publication of the International Textiles and Apparel Association. Grant work includes projects with Cotton Inc. for educational materials for fashion students. The first project concerned exposing students to high-end cottons and the follow-up product is a virtual sourcing trip for fashion merchandising students in buying and product development. She also collaborated with Seung-Hee Lee on a paper for the government of the Republic of South Korean concerning the U.S. policy on counterfeiting of fashion products.

Research Interest

Dr. Nancy Stanforth's research interests include: Market research and presentation in the fashion industry Consumer behavior Fashion merchandising