Prof. Dr. Eng. Taher Rajab Kaddar

Editor In Chief

Head of Department of Textile Industries  Mechanical Engineering and its technics  in Faculty of  Mechanical and Electrical Engineering  in Damascus University,Syria.

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Biography: ProfessorTaher Rajab Kaddar,Head of the Department of Textile Industries Mechanical Engineering and their Technology,Faculty of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering,Damascus University, Syria . Taher is a Professorat Department . He has P.H.D from "Gheorghe Asachi" Technical University of IASI, Romania, in 1985,Weaving Technology Engineering, he has 10 patents, head of textile studies department in (GOTI).Chairman of Scientific Research and Industrial Development Department in the Military Housing Establishment(MILIHOUSE).Head of Textile and spinning Engineering department in Faculty of Chemical and Petroleum Engineering in Al-Baath University, QMS Lead Auditor(BSI),ristred in IRCA,London.15 golden award ex. WIPO Prize 1994. 14 books, 20 published papers. Editor Board Member in many International Journals.

Research Interest

Research Interests - Specialty Areas Engineered textile technology and structures (Weaving technology weaving Factory design, carpets , velvet and upholstery fabrics , architecture and construction textiles, smart textiles filtration textiles, geo textiles, medical textiles, military and defense textiles, paper machine clothing, safety and protective textiles, sports and recreation materials, transportation textiles, general industrial textiles) Textile structural composites (analysis, manufacturing and testing) Nano textiles  and nanotechnology Computer aided design and modeling of fibers, yarns and fabrics Fiber, yarn and fabric formation and properties Textile machinery and manufacturing (spinning, weaving, braiding, knitting, non wovens, tufting) Testing and analysis of fibers, yarns, fabrics and composites Taher’s major research interest is to enhance understanding, organizing, developing the Textile Industry and their techniques, research outcomes, the invention process, Quality Management Systems (QMS) ISO 9000 standards, Environmental Management Systems (EMS) ISO 14000 standards, Renewable Energies, Eco-label and their implementation in Textile Industry and their techniques, and the integration between this International Systems with specific reference to Syrian companies.  

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