Vipin Verma

Editorial Board Member

Postdoctoral Associate, University of Utah, Salt Lake City, UT

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I have excellent basic and applied research training in multiple disciplines including cardiovascular biology, molecular biology, cell biology, toxicology, and epidemiology for successful completion of the project. During my pre-and post-graduation education, I was trained in microbiology and biotechnological techniques which made me pursue my doctoral education. My doctoral studies were focused on genetic polymorphism in humans with relation to different environmental toxicities that certainly developed my interest in human studies. My postdoctoral training at Vanderbilt University with Dr. Hind Lal furthered my interest in the field of cardiovascular biology as a scientific career. My first postdoctoral training was focused on multiple projects independently and as a team to understand proteins and cell signaling pathways that regulate cardiac injury and heart failure. In my current postdoctoral position with Dr. Frank Sachse, I expanded my research expertise in studies on cardiac structural remodeling and impaired heart function in cardiomyocytes from donors, patients with end stage heart failure, and aging hearts. I was extensively trained in isolation, rapid calcium imaging, and 3D imaging of human cardiomyocytes. I have generated preliminary data and hypotheses for the proposed project, in particular, 3D images of donor cells, mechanisms of aging, and therapeutics. I also established a system for conducting mechanistic and therapeutic studies directly in the human heart ex-vivo. We can keep alive human heart tissue for months and conduct our research studies. I strongly feel that this technique will provide a pre-clinical platform to study various cardiovascular diseases in their original environment and apply new drug therapies and trials. Our lab has decade long history of collaboration with Dr. Stavros Drakos, Director of clinical cardiology that will help us to provide rarely available human heart samples for the study. Our lab is also supported by the Center of Aging, University of Utah. Dr. Sachse trained me from the very start for independent research and an academic career. I planned a timeline of 5 years for postdoctoral training. First, two years were dedicated to understand and gain research expertise and publish a paper for proven record. Third year onwards focus is on grant writing for required training, mentoring graduates and undergraduates, collaborations, and mentoring team to guide and support me for career transition. I have all essential on campus and out of campus support for successful completion of the project and guidance for an independent career. My postdoctoral experience established my keen interest to pursue academic research. My long-term goal is to understand what leads to microstructural remodeling in cardiac muscle, impairs cardiac function, and causes cardiovascular diseases. My focus is to identify the unknown mechanisms behind this remodeling and, apply gene and drug therapies for cardiac recovery. I have all the research expertise to conduct functional studies, analyze remodeling using molecular biology and microscopic techniques and, apply drug therapy. Editorial and review work will provide me further experience and support for career growth.

Research Interest

Cardiovascular, Microbiology, Biotechnology, Biochemistry, Mesothelioma Cancer, Protein and cell signaling pathways in heart failure